What is a podiatry appointment like for heel pain?

Merrion Foot Clinic
South Dublin Podiatry Clinic Seafield Road

Firstly, your Podiatrist will take a brief medical history and discuss any relevant previous or ongoing issues you may of had regarding your feet. 

The Podiatrist will ask you some questions regarding your heel pain such as; 

  • What caused the pain? 
  • Did it have a sudden or gradual onset?
  • When did it begin?
  • What type of shoes you were wearing?
  • Have you had the pain before?
  • What makes the pain better or worse?
  • Have you had any previous surgeries or broken bones? 

The Podiatrist at the podiatry clinic south Dublin will assess your footwear looking at wear patterns and ask some questions regarding the shoes you wear the most on a regular basis, if you wear high heels or can you cut back on wearing a certain type of shoe for a short time to allow for healing. 


The Podiatrist at the Merrion Foot Clinic will carry out a biomechanical examination which will involve a joint assessment, static assessment (while you are standing), dynamic assessment (while you are walking) and muscle strength testing. 


After gathering all the relevant information from your history and assessments the Podiatrist will form a treatment plan for your heel pain according to the cause. This may involve rest, icing the area, footwear advice, strengthening exercises and/or orthotic therapy. 


By: Siobhan Ryan

Podiatrist, BSc (Hons) 

Pod. MChSI.

Athlone Foot Clinic




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