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Fungal nails are a common condition that affect many of us. They don’t usually cause any pain, and the issue is normally cosmetic. Fungi love to grow in dark, wet and moist environments. So if you wear socks and sweat a lot, it’s the perfect environment for a fungal infection to come about!

Some of the ways a fungal nail can present are:

– Thickened nail
– A dark coloured nail
– A white, crumbly layer over the nail
– Nail separation from the nail bed
– Crumbly or brittle nail

Fungal nails can be a real nuisance and are usually quite difficult to treat. We stock a nail lacquer that can be used on fungal nails, and there are multiple other treatment modalities out there as well.

If you think you might have a fungal nail infection, feel free to call up and make a booking.



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